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Cprog is a sub-genre of music that links progressive music styles with Christian music themes and lyrics.



Up until fairly recently, many of the players in the world of progressive music have come from one of two basic philosphical schools. The first is secular humanism, with little or no religious content or message. The second is the loosely understood "new age" movement. While these themes have been common in progressive rock music, explicitly Christians themes have been rare (with Rick Wakeman being a notable exception).

In the late 1990's, Bill Hammell started several email lists (including the christianprog list) which served as a point where many of the Christian progressive rock artists could network and help develop into a sub-genre. One of the results of the email list discussions was the CPR anthologies. As more musicians have blended the Christian faith with working as progressive musicians, the term Cprog has been coined to describe and promote the sub genre.

Moves for industry recognition

The Dove Awards have a history of rewarding Christian musicians for their spiritual and musical offerings. Christian progressive rock (CProg) fans and artists are asking the Gospel Music Association to launch a new Dove Award for Progressive Rock Album of the Year.

Musicians considered Cprog

Presently, one of the foremost exponents of the sub-genre is Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Neal Morse. Others who are sometimes categorized this way are Glass Hammer, Ajalon, Proto-Kaw, and Salem Hill.

Artist list

After the Fire UK based band founded in the 1970s (initially 'Cprog')
Atomic Opera
Dave Bainbridge guitarist with Iona
Glass Hammer
Iona UK based band with Celtic flavour
Kerry Livgren songwriter famous for work with Kansas (band)
Neal Morse Nashville based using progressive and other styles
Narnia band from Sweden
Proto-Kaw heavy progressive style - regrouping of previous Kansas (band) members
Salem Hill
Tourniquet - progressive speed metal / heavy metal
Rick Wakeman Yes keyboardist and solo artist

Notable albums

  • CPR Volume 1 - (April 2004) collected various artists
  • CPR Volume 2 - (June 2005) collected various artists

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