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Christian industrial

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Christian Industrial can be taken as either industrial music or industrial rock thats lyrics and themes are inspired and influenced by Christianity. Just as in all other forms of Christian rock, the level of spiritual involvement required in the music to be called this is heavily debated. One extreme finds people who think every single song must clearly contain reference to God and Jesus as well as be on a "christian record label." While on the opposite end, others believe that if even one of the members of a band is a self-professed christian then that is enough. However, most people's viewpoint lies somewhere in between.

The term "industrial" is also heavily debated, as the term usually represents industrial rock (a combination of hard rock/metal and electronic music) in most people's minds while actual "industrial music" generally refers to forms of electronic music that contains sounds similar to machinery or factories, not even nessicarily related to rock music. While most certainly not christian, Nine Inch Nails is usually the first band people think of when they hear the word: "industrial".

There are not many christian bands who play industrial/industrial rock music, but they do exist.

Listing of Christian Industrial Bands/Artists

Argyle Park
Circle of Dust

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