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Christian hardcore

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Christian hardcore is a form of hardcore punk music and a subgenre of punk rock played by bands where the musicians are openly Christian. The extent that their lyrics are explicitly Christian varies between bands.

Christian hardcore bands that explicitly state their beliefs and use Christian imagery in their lyrics may be considered a part of the contemporary Christian music (CCM) industry and play for a predominantly Christian market. However, given the edginess of hardcore punk, many bands have been dismissed by the Christian and CCM music market and rely on genre specific labels to promote and release their music.

Typically, Christian hardcore and metalcore bands perform music influenced by their faith and see their audience as the general public. More recently Christian hardcore bands may avoid specific mention of God or Jesus in their lyrics and from stage as well as rejecting the CCM label.

Traditionally hardcore has been antipathetic towards Christianity, much like the broader punk rock community, this has often left Christian Hardcore bands alienated on the fringes of both the hardcore scene. As many inside the scene view Christianity in a negative light, or a feel that Christian hardcore is a passing fad.

Related genres are Christian punk, Christian rock, Christian alternative music and Christian metal.



Christianity and hardcore punk are often considered to be contradictory due to the conflict between punk's anti-authoritarian message and the prominence of authority figures in Christianity. This is covered in a section of the Christian punk article.

Christian hardcore and metalcore bands

Hardcore and Straight Edge

Main articles: Hardcore punk

Alove For Enemies
As Cities Burn
Blood of the Martyr
Comeback Kid (disputed)
The Crucified
Dead Poetic
Jesus Wept
No Innocent Victim
War of Ages


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As Darkness Fades
As I Lay Dying
August Burns Red
The Chariot
Chasing Victory
Demon Hunter
Embodiment 12:14
Evergreen Terrace
Gray Lines Of Perfection
Haste the Day
(early) Hopesfall
Living Sacrifice
Mychildren Mybride
Nodes of Ranvier
Norma Jean
One Step Too Many
Sinai Beach
Still Remains
System Failure
(early) Underoath

Record labels

Cloud Nine Records
Solid State Records
Facedown Records
Blood and Ink Records
Strike First Records
Harvest Earth Records

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