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Chicano rap is a subgenre of rap music that embodies aspects of West Coast and Southwest Chicano culture and is typically performed by American rappers of Mexican descent.

The first widely recognized Chicano rap artist was Kid Frost, whose 1990 debut album "Hispanic Causing Panic" driven by the hit single "La Raza" brought new attention to Chicano artists in Hip Hop.

Cuban-American artist Mellow Man Ace was the first Latino artist to have a major bilingual single attached to his 1989 debut. Although Mellow Man often used Chicano slang as a result of his East Los Angeles upbringing, Kid Frost receives the credit as the first major Chicano rapper given Mellow Man was not of Mexican descent. Mellow Man, referred to as the "Godfather of Latin Rap", brought mainstream attention to Spanglish rhyming with his platinum single "Mentirosa". Cypress Hill, of which Mellow Man Ace was a member before going solo, is sometimes considered Chicano rap due to their use of Spanish and popular Chicano slang, as well as the lead rapper's background of being part Mexican. They were the first Latino rap group to reach platinum status, with Big Pun credited as the first Latino solo artist to reach platinum sales for an LP.

During the 90's, some Chicano rappers such as Kemo the Blaxican and Sinful of the Mexicanz began using influences from Mexican music in their beats and delivery, although this subgenre of music is sometimes referred to today as "Urban Regional" and not always representative of Chicano Rap. One of the most widely recognized Chicano rappers today is Lil Rob of San Diego, whose single "Summer Nights" was considered a major crossover and received heavy rotation on radio station and video programs not directly related to Chicano rap music.

Many Chicano rappers have also been heavily influenced by Mexican history, including many themes relevant to Mexican/Chicano (Xicano) people. Chicano Rap is enjoyed by listeners in the U.S. and has a strong following in Japan, although its main audience consists of Latinos living on the West Coast, the Southwest and the Midwest. Its ability to reach large audiences without mainstream airplay or media promotion is due largely in part to nationwide lowrider car tours and their accompanying concerts headlined by Chicano rappers. This environment allows Chicano Rap artists to earn significant incomes through independent label releases while promoting directly to a target audience.

List of Chicano rappers and Chicano hip hop artists

A.K.A Coyote
Akwid from South Central LA
The Answer
Aztlan Nation
Aztlan Underground
Baby Bash
Big Lokote
Chingo Bling
Delinquent Habits
DJ Ace
Funky Aztecs
Frank V
Jonny Z
Kid Frost
Kinto Sol
Knight Owl
Klownacide Records
La Paz
Lighter Shade of Brown
Lil Bandit
Lil Cuete
Lil Gangster
Lil Menace
Lil Rob
Lil Tweety
Lil Yogi
Lost Prophets
Malow Mac
Mr. Capone-E
Mr. Criminal (Hi-Power)
Mr. Lil' One
Mr. Malo
Mr. Sancho
Mister D
Mr. Silent
Ms. Pinks
Ms. Sancha
O.G. Playboy
Proper Dos
Psycho Realm
Royal T (LPG)
Scrappy Loco
South Park Mexican
Soldier Ink-Stomper and Grumpy
Tommy Gun
Wicked Minds
X Ray
Young Serch

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