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British blues

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British blues

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The British blues is a type of blues music that originated in the late 1950s. American blues musicians like B.B. King and Howlin' Wolf were massively popular in Britain at the time. Muddy Waters is said to be the first electric blues player to perform in front of British audiences circa 1959, and others like Sonny Boy Williamson and Chuck Berry followed him. British teens began playing the blues, imitating various styles of American blues. Gradually, a new distinctly British sound arose by the mid-1960s. This form of the blues, and various derivatives, became massively popular in the US, leading to the British Invasion.

The Animals
Long John Baldry
Jeff Beck
Duster Bennett
Blues Incorporated
Chicken Shack
Graham Bond
Jack Bruce
Eric Clapton
Cyril Davies
Fleetwood Mac
John Mayall
Peter Green
Jo Ann Kelly
Alexis Korner
Led Zeppelin
Manfred Mann
Sam Mitchell (Blues guitarist)
Jimmy Page
Dave Peabody
The Rolling Stones
Savoy Brown
The Small Faces
Gordon Smith (Blues Guitarist)
Jeremy Spencer
Taste (Irish Blues Band)
Ten Years After
The Yardbirds
Chris Youlden

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