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Bhangragga is a slang term for the style of music incorporating elements of Bhangra and dancehall reggae (or Ragga, short for the word Raggamuffin). The sound is very percussion-heavy - a distinct holdover from Bhangra - with a propulsive beat clearly designed for dancing. The Dancehall influence can be felt through the use of pre-programmed music, similar to Dancehall "riddims". Lyrically, the style features a combination of Sub-Continental-accented (usually Indian) vocals delivered in the clipped style associated with Dancehall - and sometimes including the Patois of the latter style. This style is almost exclusively a British phenomenon, as the two cultures involved in its genesis mix reasonably freely there. The most successful exponent, however, is Apache Indian, who had a world-wide hit with Boom-Shak-A-Lak, which was included on the soundtrack to the film Dumb and Dumber, among others.

The style is also known as Bhangramuffin and may also be known as Bhangra-wine.

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