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Ballet (music)

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Ballet (music)

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Ballet as musical form is a musical composition intended for ballet performance.

The same music can be used for several different ballet choreographies.

Until about the second half of the 19th century the role of music in ballet was secondary, with main emphasic being on dance, with music being a compilation of danceable tunes. Writing "ballet music" used to be a job for musical craftsmen, rather than for masters. For example, critics of Tchaikovsky mentioned his writing of ballet music as something demeaning.

Adolphe Adam's Giselle, still popular worldwide, was among the first ballet scores that featured specifics of modern ballet music, such as leitmotifs - recurring musical themes that accompany certain characters or situations throughout the whole piece.

Famous ballet composers

Delibes, Léo
Lully, Jean-Baptiste
Stravinsky, Igor
Tchaikovsky, Peter

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