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Australian hardcore

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Australian hardcore

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Australian hardcore punk is an active rock music subgenre with a dedicated following. Many Australian hardcore bands enjoy a relatively large fanbase locally without touring outside their home state. Recorded material of these bands is often hard to find as many do not record but focus on live shows (the mainstay of the scene).

The roots of Australian hardcore can be traced all the way back to the first Australian punk band, The Saints, and more recently, to include such acts as AC/DC and Midnight Oil. UK and the U.S. influence is evident in many bands, nonetheless, Australian hardcore has, in bands such as Toe to Toe and Mindsnare, its own distinct dry humour, attitude and sound. Local and regional (scene and state) differences are also evident. Other influences are by U.S. hardcore, U.K. Punk and Heavy Metal bands.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ethic is strong. The rise of CD burners and the Internet has allowed more bands to self-publish their records and sell through their websites or on consignment in local record stores. If recorded material is available distribution is often through local distributors run out of band member's garages or small independent labels which are active in most capital cities.

Interstate tours are organised occasionally by more established bands. Only a few hardcore bands ever tour overseas.

A number of Australian hardcore bands hold ideological, political and religious values and may communicate these in their music. These values include anarchist, Christian and straight edge. A common attitude to espousing values in music is found in an interview with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive (Byron Bay) with Maddi West of DB Magazine. Commenting about regional scenes - contrasting Byron Bay and Adelaide:

"I'd say Adelaide has probably got the biggest straightedge/vegan scene in Australia. In Byron there's about five straightedge kids and I think maybe two kids that are vegan and that's about it," McCall laughs. "I'm vegetarian myself and there's a couple of us that are straightedge, but we just wanna have fun and play music. We do believe in trying to make a difference in some way, but as a whole we don't really champion any beliefs. We're just a hardcore band!" Winston McCall of Parkway Drive interview, DB Magazine


SHORT.FAST.LOUD. on Triple J radio

The ABC Triple J network has a weekly program,, that showcases punk and hardcore music released both locally and elsewhere.

Australian hardcore bands

Day of Contempt, I Killed The Prom Queen, Shotpointblank and Parkway Drive are seen by some as more mainstream Australian metalcore bands. All these bands have toured the USA.

Less mainstream bands like United Force, No Grace, All It Cost Was Everything and Jungle Fever have loyal local and overseas followings.

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