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Australian country music

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Australian country music

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Australian country music is a vibrant part of the music of Australia. There is a broad range of styles, from bluegrass, to yodelling to folk to the more popular.

Australia has a long tradition of country music, which has developed a style quite distinct from its U.S. counterpart. Waltzing Matilda, often regarded as Australia's unofficial National anthem, is a quintessential Australian country song, influenced more by Celtic folk ballads than by American Country and Western music. This strain of Australian country music, with lyrics focusing on strictly Australian subjects, is generally known as "bush music" or "bush band music".

Another, more Americanised form of Australian country music was pioneered in the 1930s by such recording artists as Tex Morton. Strictly Australian country music and bush ballads were popularized by Slim Dusty, best remembered for his 1957 song "A Pub With No Beer". In recent years local contemporary country music, featuring much crossover with popular music, has enjoyed considerable popularity in Australia.

Country music has also been a particularly popular form of musical expression among the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Awards and festivals

The major celebration of country music in Australia is the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January each year. Indigenous country music is in evidence at The Deadlys, a celebration of indigenous musicians and their music.

Notable musicians and music groups


Slim Dusty
James Blundell (singer)
Adam Brand
Troy Cassar-Daley
Kasey Chambers
Beccy Cole
Smoky Dawson
Natalie Howard
Gina Jeffries
Lee Kernaghan
Anne Kirkpatrick (daughter of Slim Dusty and Joy McKean)
Joy McKean
Chad Morgan
Reg Lindsay
Mary Schneider
Melinda Schneider (daughter of Mary Schneider)
Sara Storer
Keith Urban
Jeanette Wormald

Musical groups

The Blue Heeler Band
The Donovans
Karma County
Runaway Train (band)

Radio and television programs

Reg Lindsay Country Music Hour - 1960s
Saturday Night Country - ABC Local Radio - 10 PM to 2AM Saturday Night

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