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Anatolian rock

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The Turkish rock scene began in the mid- to late 1960s, when popular United States and United Kingdom bands became well-known. Soon, Turkish performers like Mogollar created a distinctively Turkish fusion of rock and Turkish folk; this was called Anatolian rock, a term which now generically describes most any kind of rock music written in Turkish.

From 1966 to about 1975, psychedelic rock was very popular in Turkey. After that, more progressive-styled bands gained popularity, with older performers like Cem Karaca (Safinaz, 1978) and Mogollar (Düm-tek) moving towards prog.

As other Rock genres gained popular in Turkey, Anatolian Rock also began to diversify. Today, the country boasts many excellent rock bands like Pentagram, Mor ve Ötesi, Kargo, Cilekes, Duman and maNga, with the latter having won the "Best Rock Band" award in almost all the polls set up in 2005. The specific influences of these bands fall into a wide range of musical genres from the Seattle grunge attitude to heavy or doom metal and rapcore genres. Hence, Anatolian rock refers to a fusion of a wide selection western rock subgenres with either a traditional Turkish sound or simply eock music with Turkish lyrics. Such cultural fusion has led way to some exciting rock music to develop in Turkey.

Individual pop rock performers are also very successful, like Özlem Tekin, Şebnem Ferah, Demir Demirkan, Kargo soloist Koray Candemir, Kıraç and Teoman.


Notable Acts


Lightning War
Mavi Sakal
Mor Ve Ötesi
Pentagram (aka Mezarkabul)
Pilli bebek
Siya siya bend
Uç Hurel


Aylin Aslim
Barış Manço
Cem Karaca
Demir Demirkan
Erkin Koray
Haluk Levent
Koray Candemir
Murat Ses
Özlem Tekin
Şebnem Ferah
Yaşar Kurt

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