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Alegrías is a flamenco style, which has a rhythm consisting of 12 beats. It is similar to Soleares. Its beat emphasis is as follows: 1 2 [3] 4 5 [6] 7 [8] 9 [10] 11 [12]. Alegrías originated in Cádiz. It is one of the cante chico forms of flamenco. The word Alegrías literally means "joys."

One of the structurally strictest forms of flamenco, a traditional alegrías must contain each of the following sections: a salida (entrance), paseo (walkaround), silencio (similar to an adagio in ballet), castellano (upbeat section) zapateado (footwork) and bulerías (upbeat section whose accent begins on the 1 of each bar as opposed to the 12).

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