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Aggrotech, also referred to more recently as Terror EBM and sometimes as Hellektro (a corruption/portmanteau of 'hell' and 'elektro'), is a term that surfaced in the mid-1990s to describe an evolution of electro-industrial typified by somewhat harsh song structures, aggressive and generally uptempo beats and lyrics of a militant, pessimistic or explicit nature. Typically, the vocals are distorted to sound hoarse, harsh and without tone. Artists also frequently use atonal melodic structures.

The style had mostly died out by the end of the decade with the rise of synthpop and futurepop in the alternative electronic scene, but has experienced a recent surge in popularity and proliferation as both aggrotech and power noise have become more common at goth/industrial clubs.


Examples of artists that could be considered aggrotech include Aghast View, Suicide Commando, :Wumpscut:, Psyclon Nine, Hocico, Dulce Liquido, Amduscia, Tactical Sekt, Virtual Embrace, Aslan Faction, Grendel, Agonoize, Panzer AG and Unter Null. Older acts such as Aghast View and Wumpscut have more recently restructured their format into a mellower, less edgy style of music, while new acts like Psyclon Nine, Agonoize and Virtual Embrace have revitalized the genre to an extent.

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