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Afro prog

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Afro prog is a genre of progressive rock music with a distinct African cultural or subcultural flavor. This term first appeared on usenet in an Italian language progressive rock discussion forum in 1999.

In the late 60s, artists around the world were experimenting with combining established styles of music like classical, jazz and afro-cuban with rock music in very progressive ways. Musicians of African heritage were also combining African and African American styles with rock in a progressive fashion. This worldwide trend in rock music was something that reached its peak in the early 70s and then faded out of mainstream attention. Any such eccentric artists these days are considered on progressive rock music forums on the internet and rarely get any attention in widely distributed music journals. Afro prog artists are as few and far between as artists in other progressive rock niches like zuehl and canterbury. Recently in 2005 Afroprog has seen a ressurection in the San Francisco Bay Area through the band The Flux.

Bands considered to be Afro Prog are Assagai, Mandrill,The Flux and Osibisa among others. These bands were active in the early 70s; the heyday of progressive rock music.

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