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Acid rap

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Acid rap

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Acid rap is a subgenre of hip hop music pioneered by Detroit rapper Esham Attica Smith, also known as Esham the Unholy and referred to as "The Godfather" of Acid Rap. The style of music is best described as a cross between hardcore gangsta rap and violent horror films and has been at times mislabeled as Horrorcore. It also features heavy use of samples from rock artists' leading to an influence on nu metal or rap metal and rapcore.

Other well known Detroit artists, such as Eminem, D12 and Insane Clown Posse also cross over into this genre. Kid Rock was influenced by the mixture of rap and hard rock used by Esham the Unholy. Esham the Unholy also formed a band called NATAS (Nation Ahead of Time and Space).

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