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Acid Brass is the name given to a pioneering style of music inspired by Turner-Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller. As the title suggests, it is a fusion of Brass and Acid, mixing the traditional brass sound with Acid's minimalistic, pounding rhythms.

Acid Brass began in 1997 as a collaboration between Deller and the Stockport-based Fairey Brass Band. Deller saw a connection between the two apparently disparate genres, viewing them as "two authentic forms of folk art rooted in specific communities". The music has since been taken all over the world, and will be performed by the Fairey Band before a London crowd of 25000 in July 2005.


The original Acid Brass album of 1997 was released on the Blast First label and featured versions of dance classics such as A Guy Called Gerald's "Voodoo Ray", Rhythim Is Rhythim's "Strings Of Life" and 808 State's "Pacific 202". The original studio album was recorded at the BBC North's sound studios on Oxford Road in Manchester, whilst a live version was recorded on 1st March 1997 at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

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