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Trailervision is the idea that movie trailers are their own artistic medium. Fictional trailers by a group of Canadian actors and directors first appeared in 1999 with one of the first popular video sites on the Internet. The idea was to create movie trailers for movies that don't exist, so that the movies were actual original creations. CNN has profiled Trailervision, calling it an "international cult phenomenon."[1]

Trailervision titles include: Lance Banyon VS Ku Klux Klan, Weeners, Switched, Wimp Club, Cry, Cliches in Love, Welcome to Office Sex and I Know What You'll Want Next Summer.

The Toronto-based media website was created by Albert Nerenberg, previously a print journalist.[2][3][4]

A subscription fee is changed for access to Trailervision's videos, although a few trailers and promotional video items are available for free.


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