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Stunt performer

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A stunt performer is someone who performs dangerous stunts. These stunts are sometimes rigged so that they look dangerous while still having safety mechanisms, but often they are as dangerous as they appear to be. Stunt performers are distinct from stunt doubles, performing their stunts purely for the sake of the stunt itself, or as a career, rather than for another reason; a stunt double typically performs stunts intended for use in a motion picture.

Famous stunt performers include:

Harry Houdini
Ken Kirzinger
David Blaine
Evel Knievel
Robbie Knievel
Super Dave Osborne/Bob Einstein (Mock Stunt Performer)
Colin Handley
Zeljko Bozic
Thomas Solomon
Bubba Blackwell
Sam Patch, the first US "daredevil" who gained a reputation jumping high waterfalls
Remy Julienne
Kid Richmond

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