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Seinen (青年?) (not to be confused with "adult" (成年 "seinen"?)) is a subset of anime or manga that is generally targeted at an 15 - 30 year old male audience, but the audience can be much older with some comics aimed at businessmen well into their 40s. Sometimes it is classified as shōjo or shōnen, but it has distinct features, usually classified by a wider variety of art styles (particularly in manga) and more variation in subject matter, ranging from the avant garde to the pornographic. The female equivalent to seinen manga is josei manga. The genre is comparable to the English terms and genre "Young Adult" or "Teen".

A common way to tell if a comic is seinen is by looking at whether or not furigana is used over the original kanji text. A lack of furigana would imply that the title is intended for a mature audience. The title of the magazine it was published in is also an important indicator. Usually Japanese manga magazines with the word young in the title (Young Jump for instance) are seinen. Other popular seinen manga magazines include Ultra Jump, Afternoon, and Big Comic. Many of these manga were published in English in the now defunct PULP.

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