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Pulp noir

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Pulp noir is considered a sub-division of film noir. Whereas film noir directly involves characters living bleak existences to accomplish a goal with odds against them, pulp noir often portrays a grittier, one-man-army. Typically, the main character has no distinguished abilities but can hold ground against seemingly impossible odds. Pulp noir gives the same film noir heros and villains with more of an urban edge.

Examples of this include films Sin City, and Reservoir Dogs. The videogame Max Payne would also be characterized as 'pulp noir'.

When thinking of Pulp refer to the old school adventures from the 20's and 30's heroes like Doc Savage, The Shadow and John Carter of Mars. The heroes are larger than life, the villains are dark, sinister and always evil.

Noir is a bit fuzzier on the morality. More along the lines of the Maltese Falcon where it is harder to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys and they will often (grudgingly) work together.


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