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No-nudity clause


No-nudity clause

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A no-nudity clause is a paragraph or a section in a performer’s legal contract that stipulates that he or she will not perform nude in a theatrical, television, cinematic, or other type of production. Although such a clause could appear in the contract of either a male or a female performer, it usually appears only in some of the latter’s contracts, because far more female performers are asked to perform nude than are male performers.

Especially when they are launching their careers, many female performers do not object to performing nude and, in fact, such an objection can cost an actress or other female performer choice roles in blockbuster films or other lavish productions unless her reputation and status are sufficiently superior to those of her peers, she is popular enough, or she has accumulated enough wealth to refuse to accept parts in productions that require her to perform nude without damaging her career. For this reason, for some female celebrities, a no-nudity clause can demonstrate their clout within their profession. When actresses who have no-nudity clauses in their contracts appear in television, theatrical, cinematic, or other productions that require their character to be nude, a body double is used to portray the character during the filming of the nude scenes.

Shannon Elizabeth denies the existence of the no-nudity clause

Shannon Elizabeth claimed, in an interview with a Maxim magazine reporter, that no-nudity clauses do not exist, contending that “somebody made that up." She explained that “there’s no such thing as a no-nudity clause. There’s a nudity waiver—it’s kind of the other way around. If you have a contract that says there’s nudity, then there’s nudity. If the contract doesn’t mention nudity, then nudity isn’t allowed" [1].

Other actresses admit to no-nudity clauses in their contracts

However, other performers have admitted to having such clauses in their contracts. For example, in an interview with Cranky Critic [2], Kirsten Dunst admitted that she has a no-nudity clause in her contract. Asked directly, “Do you have a no nudity clause with the films you do?,” Dunst replied, “Yeah, I'm always very careful about that, definitely.”

Shannon Elizabeth’s no-nudity clause

Despite her apparent denial of the existence of the no-nudity clause, Elizabeth herself is reported to have added a no-nudity clause to her own contract. According to IMdb [3], the actress “is fed up" with "taking her clothes off on the big screen" and, after skyrocketing to fame upon appearing nude in American Pie, “now has a no nudity clause in all her contracts. Elizabeth says she wants to be hired for her acting talent, not her body.”

Studio-imposed no-nudity clauses

Sometimes, the studios or production companies are the ones who insist that their actresses forego nude scenes or other appearances in the buff. For example, TLC insisted that Paige Davis not appear nude. The New York Post reported that after Davis “agreed to be photographed swaddled in nothing but two strips of wallpaper, a TLC staffer called the magazine’s photo department and asked them to run another shot, citing the no-nudity clause in Davis' TLC contract.” A TV Guide magazine cover memorialized the dispute.

No-nudity clause as a means of generating publicity

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Saturday Night Live Sarah Michelle Gellar on Saturday Night Live

Sarah Michelle Gellar has used the no-nudity clause to generate publicity concerning herself. First, she hinted that she might doff her clothes for the right movie, hoping that her willingness to appear nude on camera might “shock” filmmakers into considering her for roles for which she is not currently a contender. However, she soon followed her announcement with a statement in which she declared that she would never appear nude on screen or stage for any reason [4]. Her contradictory statements on the topic generated a good deal of publicity for her. Despite her contention that she would never appear nude, Gellar already has appeared topless on an episode of Saturday Night Live, during which she covered her breasts with her hands.

No-nudity clause waivers

As with other legal stipulations, the no-nudity clause can, and sometimes is, waived by an actress for a particular scene. For example, a San Francisco Chronicler reporter observed that Laura Linney’s full-frontal nudity in Maze indicates that, for her appearance in this film she “obviously waived the no-nudity clause” when the plot called for her to model “for an artist friend.” Likewise, Neve Campbell told TV Guide Online that she‘s “had the no-nudity clause in my film contracts in the past because I felt some scenes were for box-office draw and nothing else," she says. However, the film Loved, she said, “is about my character's sexual exploration and her power and curiosity, so it made sense.”

Non-nudity clauses for cartoon characters

Stripperella Stripperella

No-nudity clauses have even forbidden cartoon characters from appearing nude. For example, Pamela Anderson, who has appeared nude many times in a variety of productions, informed Reuters that she insisted on a no-nudity clause for her cartoon alter ego, Stripperella, the adult animated series created by Stan Lee [5]. Likewise, according to the Associated Press, “The San Francisco health department toned down its campaign to combat rising syphilis infections after the company that owns the city's bus shelters refused to display a male genitalia cartoon” that offended “children and families” [6]. However, other cartoon characters, notably Homer Simpson and his son, Bart, have appeared nude many times, even in prime time.

Sarah Michelle Gellar showing ample cleavage in Cruel Intentions) Sarah Michelle Gellar showing ample cleavage in Cruel Intentions)

Even when female performers opt for the inclusion of a no-nudity clause in their contracts, they are not opposed to displaying large amounts of cleavage, giving their fans something about which to fantasize.

List of actresses with no-nudity clauses in their contracts

Although some of them have appeared nude in the past, the following actresses are among those who once had or have added no-nudity clauses on their contracts:

Jessica Alba
Glynis Barber
Neve Campbell
Paige Davis
Shannon Elizabeth
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Katie Holmes
Laura Linney
Lindsay Lohan
Jenny McCarthy
Sarah Jessica Parker
Julia Roberts
Meg Ryan

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