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Leica reel

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In film, specifically animation, a leica reel is a type of storyboarding device used in the production of potential series or features. Unlike actual storyboards or pitches, leica reels (when made) are used later in the development process, usually after voice actors have been hired and recorded, and thus are not used for selling or marketing the project.

A leica reel is made from animated stills, or sometimes preliminary artwork or storyboard frames, arranged with recorded material. The specific recorded material used can occasionally be the entire sountrack of the film, where sound editing has already occurred, though in many cases it is only the vocal soundtrack (in various states of completion) along with a selection of sound effects.

The name "leica reel" is supposedly derived from the fact that it is "like a reel", though in fact this is incorrect and the term actually comes from the German make of cameras called Leicas which were used to make these filmed storyboards in the early days of animation.

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