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A collectable model of Firefox-ko, a fox-girl A collectable model of Firefox-ko, a fox-girl

Kemonomimi (獣耳 animal ears) is an anime and manga terminology that describes characters that possess animal like features. The characters will be predominately human and any real animal characteristics are minimal, unlike kemono characters who possess a large percentage of animal parts in ratio with their human parts. Generally kemonomimi characters have ears and a tail which is animal like. Often this is just part of their attire and can be removed at will.

The term is used both in Japan and in some western subcultures, the term is used on the TAOchan/idlechan imageboard [1] for example.

List of kemonomimi characters by animal

Rabbits, typically called bunnygirls.

Arisu Arisugawa and the other bunnygirls from Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rondo
Berry Shirayuki from Tokyo Mew Mew (also part mountain cat)
Delmo from Cosplay Complex
Komugi Nakahara from The SoulTaker and Nurse Witch Komugi
Meroko from Full Moon O Sagashite
Mimika and the other bunnygirls from Usagi-chan de Cue
Mint Blancmanche from Galaxy Angel
Rami Nana-Hikari from the Keio Flying Squadron series
Reisen U. Inaba from Imperishable Night
Tei (Tewi) Inaba from Imperishable Night
Usada Hikaru from the Di Gi Charat series
Usahara from Damekko Doubutsu


Inuyasha from Inuyasha
Kotaro Inugami from Negima
Yoko from Inukami!


Firefox-tan, from the Moezilla group - a personification of Mozilla Firefox.
Foxxy Love from Drawn Together.
Youko Kurama from YuYu Hakusho
Lisa from Tsunami Channel
Meirin and Tamamo-no-Mae from Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito
Ran Yakumo (kyubi foxgirl) from Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Sakura (kyubi foxgirl) from Hyper Police
Youko from Tactics


Arf from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Zafiira from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
Liru from Renkin 3-kyū Magical ? Pokān
Ouka from .hack//Legend of the Twilight
Zakuro Fujiwara from Tokyo Mew Mew
Uruno from Damekko Doubutsu


Bagi from Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature (1984) (half mountain lion)

(Although many debate that Bagi is a Furry instead of a catgirl).

Chiiko from Damekko Doubutsu (cheetah)
Grace from El Goonish Shive (shapeshifter with squirrel-girl and cat-girl forms, either with or without body fur; also, several other cast members, both female and male, have appeared in non-canon art as catgirls or bunnygirls, and the character of Ellen uses a catgirl avatar online)
Kumaneesan from Damekko Doubutsu (bear)
Lettuce Midorikawa from Tokyo Mew Mew (Finless Porpoise)
Mink (red dragon) from Dragon Half
Mint Aizawa from Tokyo Mew Mew (lorikeet)
Mystia Lorelei from Imperishable Night (sparrow)
Peganosuke from Damekko Doubutsu (pegasus)
Pudding Fong from Tokyo Mew Mew (Golden lion tamarin)
Takaoka from Damekko Doubutsu (eagle)
Wriggle Nightbug from Imperishable Night (firefly)
Yunihiko from Damekko Doubutsu (unicorn)

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