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Flash cartoon

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A Flash cartoon is an animated film created using Macromedia Flash animation software, usually as a form of limited animation. Flash cartoons are typically distributed via the World Wide Web, in which case it is often called a Internet cartoon, online cartoon, or webtoon. Web flash cartoons may be interactive and are often created in a series. Anime-styled animation created using Flash can be called Flash anime or Web anime. A Flash cartoon is distinguished from a Webcomic, which is a comic strip distributed via the Web, rather than an animated cartoon.

Flash animation is much easier and less expensive to create than using traditional animation techniques. Distribution via the Internet is very easy and cheap compared to television broadcasting; websites such as Newgrounds and UGOplayer host Flash cartoons for free. Many Flash cartoons are created by individual or amateur artists, though it does require enough technical expertise to use Macromedia Flash. Some web Flash cartoons become popular enough to air on broadcast television, on channels such as MTV.

Some professional animated television series are also produced using Macromedia Flash because of the low cost of production, such as Gotham Girls, produced by Warner Brothers. The Critic was the first animated television series to use Flash; after being canceled from both ABC & Fox, Atom Films created net-only episodes in 2000-2001. Some existing television cartoons such as Home Movies (on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim) have switched to Flash from other animation technology, as well as the lesser-known Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show & Queer Duck from Showtime, and Shorties Watching Shorties on Comedy Central.

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