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Cartoon pornography


Cartoon pornography

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Cartoon pornography is the portrayal of illustrated or animated fictional characters in erotic or sexual situations. This includes but is not limited to parody renditions of famous cartoons and comics.

An Example of Parody Cartoon Pornography An Example of Parody Cartoon Pornography

The advent of the Internet and the personal computer have given artists the freedom to explore and exchange ideas and techniques which have created beautiful artistic renditions to very lewd works. The freedom of the Internet and the use of the personal computer as a tool have allowed many artists who would not have had an audience to freely distribute and promote their works. Some have had such a success with their individual styles which have given birth to various ecommerce websites which enjoy a loyal following.

Styles of cartoon pornography

Due to the greater freedom given to the artists, cartoon pornography allows greater diversity than regular pornography.

Some artists use parodies of pre-existing cartoon or comics characters, drawing for example Walt Disney's famous princesses, television characters, or comic book characters in various states of undress and possibly engaged in sexual activity. Other artists, such as Jab, use their own characters and create erotic comics. Artists who draw pre-existing characters do not generally have any special notability among the cartoon pornography community, in contrast, some of the artists who draw their own characters, such as Alazar, Bill Ward, Ralph Bakshi, Kevin J. Taylor, or John Willie, have gained a cult fan base.

The artistic style of cartoon pornography can vary wildly, as it can in mainstream cartoons. Artists who parody pre-existing characters usually mimic the style of the characters' creators, although some draw in different styles. Realistic drawings are very common, as they stimulate many viewers, though the style may vary from highly realistic to extremely simple.

As cartoon pornography does not have to use real-life humans as models, the characters depicted do not have to represent normal adult women or men. Furry characters, especially females, are very common. The types of renditions found vary from human to animal to extraterrestrial.

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