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Camera operator


Camera operator

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A camera operator is a person that operates a film camera or video camera for the purpose of recording motion to film, video, or a computer storage medium. Camera operators serving in an official capacity in the process of filmmaking may be known variously as a motion picture camera operator, filmographer, television camera operator, video camera operator, or videographer, depending on the context and technology involved. The operator is responsible not only for physically operating the camera, but for composition as well.

The camera operator may collaborate with the actors and film crew to make technical decisions. In filmmaking, a motion picture camera operator is part of a camera crew also consisting of the cinematographer and film director—although in some cases one person may fill multiple roles.

Important camera operator skills include framing shots according to the cinematographer's wishes, selecting appopriate photographic lenses, and using standard equipment (dollies, cranes, etc.) to portray dramatic scenes appropriately.

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