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Brickmation is the practice of making stop motion animation using lego. Googling the term will bring a host of sites devoted to showcasing the huge diversity of Brickmation floating around the ether.

Brickmation might be considered to demonstrate the qualities of Bricolage and the DIY ethic in that it takes simple, prefabricated materials and puts them to new, largely amusing, ends. In the computer-generated imagery era, such simple stop motion antics have a back to basics, no frills ethos behind them.

Others may note that the parody and pastiche inherent in a great deal of the work may be interesting in terms of both participatory culture, fan culture and media audience research. Scanning the web, various allusions to mainstream media are rife. From "Brick to the future" to "Grand Theft Auto: Lego City", Brickmation has proved a fertile ground for those who wish to engage with popular media without recourse to the convoluted verbiage this article is guilty of.

Among the myriad Brickmation sites, these are but a brief selection:

Brick Tableux

For want of a better word, Brick Tableux involve LEGO being put to use to similar ends as Brickmation, but in still photographs and photo stories.

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