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The bishōjo style of drawing uses large, limpid eyes for increased cuteness, as in the character of Nyū from Elfen Lied. The bishōjo style of drawing uses large, limpid eyes for increased cuteness, as in the character of Nyū from Elfen Lied.

Bishōjo (美少女; びしょうじょ; literally, "beautiful young girl"), also spelled bishoujo, is a Japanese term used to refer to young and pretty girls, usually below college age.


Bishōjo in manga and anime

Bishōjo are seen in almost all genres of anime and manga, ranging from shōjo to mecha, but especially renai games and so-called harem anime. It is sometimes considered the most mild form of fanservice, particularly if older women would be more appropriate characters. A "bishōjo series" is a series directed towards a male audience predominantly featuring such characters, and usually a single token male character, if any. The main draws for this audience are typically the art and the attractive female characters, and the term is sometimes itself perceived negatively as a "genre" solely depending on its marketability of cute characters.

It is distinguished from the similar sounding shōjo demographic by referring to the gender of the characters, not the intended audience. Shōjo is manga/anime for girls; bishōjo is manga/anime about pretty girls, usually targeted towards a male audience.

Mo style

Mo face picture. Mo face picture.

Mo eyes picture.Mo eyes picture.

A style called "mo style" is often used on (but not limited to) drawing bishoujo. It is very common in manga and anime. Mo style features are:

  1. Big eyes
  2. Big pupil and Iris
  3. Short body figure
  4. Slim limbs
  5. Small simple nose
  6. Flat face
  7. Slim body frame

Further more, the transparent feeling of pupils and the "stars" like reflection in eyes are often exaggrated, regardless of surrounding lighting.

Bishōjo contests

Singing star Aya Ueto first became famous through a televised national bishōjo beauty contest at the age of twelve. Model and actress Ryoko Yonekura also won one in 1992.

See also

  • BL for bishōnen anime
  • Josei, anime and manga intended for young adult women
  • Seinen, anime and manga intended for young adult men
  • Shōnen, anime and manga intended for teenage or younger boys

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