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Animation stand

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An animation stand is any kind of device assembled for the filming of animation that is to be placed on a flat surface, including cel animation, graphic animation, clay painting animation, and silhouette animation.

Traditionally, the flat surface that the animation rests on is some kind of table that an animation cameraperson sits at. Pegs made specifically for animation are embedded into the table, in at least two slots allowing the pegs to slide from side to side, permitting horizontal movement of images, but can also be easily fixed into position for the accurate positioning ("registration") of the artwork.

Opposite the cameraperson is a series of supporting arms and supports, on top of which is mounted a film or video camera, pointing down toward the artwork, which films the artwork, frame-by-frame, as it is slowly moved and changes by the operator.

The vertical positing of the camera, always shooting down, is the main componant that defines an animation stand, as opposed to a stop motion set-up, or other equipment arrangements for animation production.

Animation stands can be home made, from metal or even wood, such as those owned by Portland, Oregon animator Jim Blashfield and Los Angeles animator Mike Jittlov, and still accomlish impressiuve animation production, or they can be elaborate (and expensive) professionally made precision-metal systems that allow for the compuerised movements of both the art and the camera, as has been traditionally used by professional animation studios and special effects facilities such as the Walt Disney studio and George Lucas's Industrial Light and Mafic (ILM) facilities.

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