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Animation software


Animation software

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Animation software is software that is used either for computer animation or to assist animators with the considerable work needed to create more traditional pieces of animation.

Two Dimensional (2D) animation

Two Dimensional (2D) animation software provides animators with the ability to use computers to carry out the time consuming repetitive tasks that are needed when building a sequence of frames. A simple example of this is the software package stopmotion, which as the name implies is used to build sequences of frames from pictures taken by a digital camera connected to a computer. There are a number of very good 2D Software Animation Packages that are fairly easy to learn yet are capable of generating mpeg or avi format output.

Three dimensional (3D) animation

Three dimensional (3D) animation is far more complex than 2D for a number of reasons. Firstly, objects in a 3D animation have to be created or rendered in each frame. When either an object moves or the relative viewpoint of the observer changes, as is the case when the animator wants to create the appearance of a camera movement, the program must regenerate all the changes in perspective, lighting, shadows and reflections.

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