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Amerimanga, (also "Ameri-manga" or "AmeriManga,") is a comic influenced by Japanese anime and manga, created by an American, Canadian, European or Asian comic artist outside of the so-termed "CJK Triangle", particularly Japan. While "Amerimanga" is the oldest term for these works, other terms are now often used instead, due to the America-centric origin of the word and the increasing number of new series appearing that are influenced by Japanese manga, but are made for an English-speaking audience. The terms "Western Manga" or "World Manga," as well as "Pseudo-Manga" or "Emulation Manga" can occasionally be heard as substitute names, but the term "OEL Manga," or Original English Language Manga, is more commonly used instead.

However, "OEL Manga" has also received criticism from some quarters. According to some Western anime and manga otaku, this word would be an oxymoron, since the word "manga," being a Japanese word, would inherently mean that the comic was published in Japan. Some of these people refer to "Amerimanga" instead as "Manga-Influenced Comics" (usually abbreviated to MIC) in an effort to disambiguate the use of the word "manga" to refer to works created outside of Japan. Fandom news site Anime News Network currently uses the term "World Manga" to describe these works in their column entitled Right-Turn Only.

Amerimanga, like its predecessor, often features an artistic style characterized by large eyes, exaggerated hairstyles, body types, and other features found in popular japanese manga. However, it is important to note that the term does not necessarily refer to one artistic style.


AmeriManga magazine

Briefly before its closing, American manga publisher Studio Ironcat published a magazine series called AmeriManga. A few of the titles in the compilation have since moved on to be published in other formats by other companies, most notably TOKYOPOP.

Other Amerimanga magazines are still in publication today, including EigoManga's SakuraPakk and RumblePakk titles; Purrsia Press's Manga Maximum; Mangazine; and Shoujo. International magazines of the same type include Britain's MangaMover and Sweatdrop; the Australian publications Xuan Xuan and Oztaku; and the Canadian magazine Kitsune.

Notable Examples of Amerimanga

Dreamwave's Transformers
eigoMANGA's Rumble Pakk link and Sakura Pakk link series
Ben Dunn's Ninja High School
Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo
Marvel Comics' "Mangaverse" imprint
Fred Perry's Gold Digger
Jill Thompson's Death: At Death’s Door, based on Vertigo's Sandman series
Adam Warren's Dirty Pair series
Tommy Yune's Speed Racer

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