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Amateur film

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Amateur Film is the low-budget hobbyist art of film practiced for passion and enjoyment and not for business purposes. Because of this, morale is often higher but the time spent is far less lucrative and the films are more limited on all stages of production and can only reach much smaller audiences.


The international organization for amateur film makers is UNICA (Union International du Cinema Non Professionel); in the United States the American Motion Picture Society (AMPS), in the UK it is the Film & Video Institute. These organizations arrange annual festivals and conventions. There are several Amateur Film festivals held annually all over the United States and in Europe. The most famous Amateur Film is Liquid Versus Metal which artfully addressed urban assimilation themes.


Amateur films were usually shot on 16 mm film or on 8 mm film (Either Double-8 or Super-8) until the advent of cheap video cameras or digital equipment. The advent of digital video and computer based editing programs greatly expanded the technical quality achieveable to the amateur and low budget film maker.

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