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Natron is a non-radioactive compound composed of the basic elements sodium, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Some sources say that a simple mixture can be made with sodium bicarbonate, which is commonly known as baking soda, and sodium chloride, which is salt. Its color can vary from white, gray, yellow or it can even be colorless. The molecular weight is 286.14 gm. Natron's empirical formula is
Na2(CO3)x10(H2O) and its chemical formula is Na2CO3x10(H2O). Natron can be found in saline lake beds in arid environments. The name natron is Latin in origin meaning “Soda.” The density can range from 1.42- 1.47.

Uses for Natron

One common use was in ancient Egypt as a part of mummification. The mineral works as a drying agent, drawing the water out of the body. At the same time the bicarbonate, when subjected to moisture, increases the pH and creates a hostile environment for bacteria. Natron was also thought to promote spiritual safety for both the living and the dead. It was also added to castor oil to produce a smokeless fuel which allowed Egyptian artisans to paint elaborate artworks inside ancient tombs without them becoming besmirched with soot. Natron has also been known to be used as a cleansing product for the home as well as the body which includes the teeth and was used as an early mouthwash. It has also been linked to early antiseptics if placed on wounds and minor cuts. It was also used to rid a house of vermin. Natron is also an ingredient in the making of the distinct color "Egyptian blue." Natron was used to make ceramics and glass as well as to solder precious metals together. If natron was mixed with salt, it could be used to preserve fish and meat. It could also be mixed with oil and it became an early form of soap. Natron was commonly used in glass-making, by the Romans and others, until trade declined after 640 AD.

Natron is used to make Bavarian pretzels. The dough is dipped into a natron solution to give it its brown color and distinctive flavor when baked.


Natron can be found in the following locations: Quebec, Canada (Rouville Co. and Mont Saint-Hilaire)

Wadi Natrum, Egypt

Showa Province, Ethiopia

Bács-Kiskun Co., Hungary (Great Hungarian Plain)

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Co., Hungary (Great Hungarian Plain)

Campania, Italy (Naples Province and Somma-Vesuvius Complex)

Northern Region of Russia (Murmanskaja Oblast', Kola Peninsula, Khibiny Massif, Lovozero Massif, Alluaiv Mt, Umbozero Mine, and Kedykverpakhk Mt)

England, UK (Cornwall, St Just District, Botallack - Pendeen Area, Botallack, and Botallack Mine)

California, USA (Inyo Co.)

Nevada, USA (Churchill Co., Soda Lake District, Humboldt Co., and Mineral Co.)

Oregon, USA (Lake Co.)

Washington, USA (Okanogan Co.)

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