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Chemical formula C11H14N2
Molecular mass 174.24 g/mol
CAS number 299-26-3
chemical structure of α-methyltryptamine

α-methyl-tryptamine, also known as α-MT, AMT or IT-290, is a synthetic drug of the tryptamine family. First developed as an antidepressant, in the 1960s it was produced commercially for this purpose in the Soviet Union under the trade name "Indopan" in 5mg and 10mg pills. Like many other tryptamines, at sufficient dosages it is a psychedelic hallucinogen. Its effects may take 2-3 hours to onset, and can last for 18 to 24 hours. It also acts as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor and a stimulant, the latter property possibly being related to similarities in chemical structure to amphetamine. On 4 April 2003, an emergency United States DEA order resulted in α-MT being placed, along with 5-MeO-DIPT, on Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.



α-Methyl-=tryptamine= is chemically related to serotonin, an important neurotransmitter. It acts by mimicking the effects of serotonin at the 5-HT2 receptor and by interfering with neurotransmitter reuptake and degradation mechanisms. α-MT has a stereocenter, and S-(+)-α-MT is the more active stereoisomer.


An oral dosage of 5-10mg will produce a stimulating effect, and 20-30mg usually results in hallucinogenic effects that can last 24 hours. While a dosage of 60-80mg is generally considered a strong dosage, some users have been known to use large amounts of α-MT, and report dosages of up to 150mg being taken. The freebase can also be smoked, and 5-20mg is generally used.


AMT is a long-acting psychedelic/euphoric stimulant. It is known to cause nausea and vomiting in many recreational users.

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