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Domain name drop list

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Domain name drop list

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A domain name drop list is a list containing the expired domain names that will be deleted from the domain name registry in the near future. are typically used by domainers to locate expiring domain names with value.

Drop list contents

There is no defined date range for data contained with a drop list, as they can contain anywhere between 1 day's worth of expiring domain names, to 30 or more days worth. Some drop lists contain only domain names that follow the domain name deletion process (where the domain name enters the REGISTRAR-HOLD status, followed by REDEMPTIONPERIOD, and PENDINGDELETE), some contain only pre-release domain names, and some contain both pre-release and regular domain names.

The data contained within a drop list can also vary, with some lists providing only basic information, such as the domain name and its expiry date. Other drop lists provide more detailed statistics, including, among others, PageRank, Link popularity, and Alexa rank.

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