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Sorpotel is a dish from Goa, India usually served at festivals (such as Christmas and weddings) and made from pork. The dish requires the use of the pork along with the liver, the heart and the kidney of the pig which is cooked in a very spicy sauce. The taste improves from day to day.

It is sometimes said that sorpotel boasts as many versions as there are cooks in the state of Goa.

Each family proudly flaunts its version of the must-have Christmas dish - although it is prepared and served whenever the need for a special meal arises.

Sorpotel includes regular ingredients like pork, liver, spices and in some versions pork blood, roasted blends of spices - recipes of which are guarded amongst families like state secrets. Use of different utensils is also said to vary taste - so it is common to have cooks dedicate an earthen pot or a copper one to the preparation of sorpotel.

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