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Boxing Week


Boxing Week

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Boxing Week is, at least, the six-day period that starts with Boxing Day and ends with New Year’s Eve. It may also include a few days before Christmas and/or after New Year's Day. It is not strictly a week.

Many U.S., Canadian and (increasingly) UK retailers clear their inventory in Boxing Week specials because in many cases:

  • Inventory must be counted using expensive labour some time in January.
  • Depending on the state, province or municipality, they are often subject to a millage tax (similar to property taxes) on any inventory retained as of 1 January of each year (or 7 January/15 January in some tax jurisdictions).
  • They are introducing new products in the new year.

This results in huge lineups at retailers.

Many products have a mail-in rebate to be used, a tactic used by manufacturers to clear their inventory.

Boxing Week coincides with the African festival of Kwanzaa.

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