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Domestic Longhair Cat


Domestic Longhair Cat

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A grey and white domestic longhaired cat A grey and white domestic longhaired cat

Grooming Domestic cats Grooming Domestic cats

A domestic longhaired cat is the proper name for any cat with medium or long fur, if it is not a pedigreed member of a recognised breed. They make excellent family pets for people who are prepared to give their coat the extra care it needs.

Domestic longhairs come in all the standard cat colours including tabby, tortie, bi-coloured etc. If their fur combines several shades of the same colour they may be referred to as a 'smoke'.

Black and White Domestic longhair (Click for larger image) Black and White Domestic longhair (Click for larger image)

A longhaired cat is not able to maintain its own coat - they must be groomed for at least half an hour per day, and preferably bathed every week or two. The cat may not enjoy the bathing process, but if it is bathed and groomed regularly from kittenhood it will accept it as a standard part of its routine.

Very long-haired cats do not make good outside animals, as their coats are extremely prone to matting. In extreme cases, the mats come to resemble wings, leading to stories of winged cats.

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