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Colorpoint Shorthair


Colorpoint Shorthair

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Three month old flame point Siamese kitten. Three month old flame point Siamese kitten.

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a variant of the Siamese cat. It features the same long, tubular body, large ears, and triangular, wedge-shaped head as the modern Siamese. However, the coat comes in a wider variety of "point" colors and patterns than do the traditional Siamese.

Possible coat colors and patterns include red point (also called flame point), cream point, lynx points (points featuring a tabby pattern; can be in a variety of colors), and tortie-points (points featuring a tortoise-shell, or calico, pattern; can be in a variety of colors). Non-pointed coat colorations are considered part of the Oriental Shorthair breed.

In the United Kingdom, the colorpoint shorthair is not considered a separate breed from the Siamese, and are shown in cat shows as Siamese. In the United States, the colorpoint shorthair is considered a separate breed.

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